B. Kainka

150 Best Circuits 

Independently published 2022  


ebook: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0B1QV2KLR

German edition


Over many years I have developed, built and tested countless circuits. Many have fallen into oblivion, others have proven themselves again and again in different situations. Especially my numerous projects with Franzis, Elektor, Modul-Bus and Kosmos have left their mark. Often a task made it necessary to brood long and intensively over quite small problems. The result was often a circuit that I still like to use today. These are my "150 best circuits".
Much of what has been collected here can also be found on the Internet on my pages Elektronik-Labor.de, Elexs.de and B-Kainka.de. Often a search is worthwhile here to learn more about the construction and the use as well as further variants of a circuit. In the circuit collection I will try to create a thematically structured summary, which often also document the origin and the diverse use of a circuit.

The focus is on circuit technology with discrete semiconductors and common standard ICs such as operational amplifiers and the NE555 timer. The areas of radio technology and microcontrollers only appear on the fringes, when simple amplifiers, sensors or switching stages are included. Who counts exactly, finds here somewhat more than 150 circuits, because in some cases also the bases are clarified by circuit diagrams. Which circuit exactly belongs to the "best" should be decided by everyone anyway.

The book is not a complete reference book with established circuits, but it is suitable for browsing and as a treasure trove for circuit concepts and ideas. Even if only once in a while a circuit brings an "aha" experience or solves a problem, it has already been worthwhile. At least that is my experience. The eyes of the electronics engineer are constantly roaming the world, always on the lookout for circuits that solve a task even more simply or elegantly.
With this in mind, I wish all readers that they find what they are looking for.

Burkhard Kainka

1 Basic transistor circuits            1
2 Light sensors                    4
3 Darlington circuit                 7   
4 Constant current sources and current mirrors    16
5 Integrator circuits                 20
6 Differential amplifier                22
7 AF amplifier                     26
8 Emitter follower and impedance converter      30
9 Push-pull stages                 33
10 Flip flops                      35
11 Multivibrators                  37
12 Thyristors and TRIACs              45
13 Schmitt trigger                  49
14 Tone generators                  51
15 Phase shifter oscillators              54
16 LC oscillators                  58
17 Audion receiver                  68
18 Quartz oscillators                  72
20 Ring oscillators                  78
21 Relaxation oscillators               80
22 Operational amplifier              92
23 Signal amplifier with OPA              97
24 OPA oscillators                  102
25 Measuring rectifier                 104
26 Sine wave oscillator               105
27 Measuring amplifier              108
28 The NE555 timer                   113
29 Basic power supply circuits             120
30 Voltage regulator                  123
31 Voltage converters                 127
32 Switching regulators              133